Cake A Week Update

You are probably wondering about that S’mores cake, aren’t you?  Want to see that photo again?  Oh, yeah.  S’mores cake.


Photo by Life’s Ambrosia

The S’mores cake was a hit at our house.  Mom mom and sister loved it when they stopped by for a visit.  The beau stuffed his face with a ridiculous amount.  I hooked up a S’more loving coworker who said it was rich and delicious.  My favorite was the smell when it came out of the oven.  It smelled just like toasted marshmallows by the campfire!

This week’s cake, I steered away from chocolate since we had plenty with the S’mores bliss.  This week I used Kraft’s Fall Apple Bavarian Cheesecake.  I was a little worried about putting apple on a cheesecake.  I had never heard of such a fruit and cheesecake combination.  The bonus about this cheesecake is it is more like a cheese pie.  I was excited about that since I felt pressed for time and did not feel like filling up a roasting pan with water.


Photo and Recipe from Kraft Canada

This was a nice switch up after the S’mores cake.  The apples still have some firmness and it has the same creaminess you’d expect from a ‘real cheesecake’.  I did use less sugar/cinnamon for the pre-oven sprinkle.  I probably used about half of what it called for.  To each their own, sprinkle like a mad man if you want.


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