Relapse: YBI, YRI Mission Fail

Dear Followers:

I have had a relapse.

Was it all the coffee? Was it the salty breeze coming off the bay? All the warm sunshine? I’m not sure, but something caused me to lose all control today.

I bought books. After I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any books until I finished every book on my bookshelves.  I saw a moving sale on my way home and I stopped by to see what they had.  Maybe some furniture?  Possibly some pretty mixing bowls?

Sadly, most of the household items were cleared out.  What they did have was a box full of books.

“I’ll just look.  Doesn’t hurt to look.”

Next thing you know, I was loading up books in the crook of my arm.  I almost bought a copy Gone With The Wind.  I already own TWO copies of Gone With The Wind!  Why on Earth do I need a third!  (Why do I need two?)

Here I am, admitting failure.  I’m going to dust myself off and get back on that horse though.  The mission must go on!  (With four more books on the list that is.)



One thought on “Relapse: YBI, YRI Mission Fail

  1. Just think of it as saving a butt load of money by shopping for books at a moving sale. You were just being frugal! And “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and “The Girl Who Played with Fire” are really good reads!

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