I was chatting with a coworker on Friday.  She was telling me about building a rocket ship out of a cardboard box for her kid.  This coworker is super crafty so I can imagine it was the most amazing rocket ship ever.  I loved making things with boxes and oatmeal canisters when I was a kid.

It made me wonder, what is this generation going to be like?

Before everyone gets hyped up, I’m not trying to offend anyone or say what is wrong or right.  I just want to ponder with you.

Social media rules our lives, whether we admit it or not.  If you disagree, then I want you to remember that you are here at my blog … which is social media.  Right now I’m shamefully a social media whore.  Marketing my books involves blogging, Facebook posts, tweeting, Google +’ing and by God, I am trying to figure out how to Pinterest.  HOW THE HELL DO YOU PINTEREST!?!?!?!

As I was saying, social media is the new norm.  We spend so much time interacting with our online friends that we neglect real life relationships.  We text during dinner.  We check our email before we turn out the lights.  We post Facebook stats when our doctor is discussing lab results with us.  We are deaf to our screaming children as we watch videos on YouTube or play one more round of Candy Crush.  We are soaked in social media.

I wonder what it is like to be a kid and to constantly have your picture taken.  When we were kids, pictures were expensive.  A camera was expensive.  Film was expensive.  Developing was expensive and took at least a week.  You had to be careful and tedious to make sure every single shot was used wisely.  No one wanted to waste a frame.  Now we have digital.  Shutters are clicking like crazy all day long.  Pictures are posted hourly of every single activity.  Children are taking selfies!  For God’s sake, what kind of self-photo taking three year old monsters have we created?  It worries me just as much as the video of the little girl wailing because she loves Justin Bieber.  That is not natural people… neither is wee little selfies.

Can you imagine if little Laura Ingalls threw a fit like that?  Pa would have beat her with a strap!

It’s almost like the Truman Show, isn’t it?  Constant documentation of a child’s every move on Facebook.  Will it make them all feel famous?  Are we creating a whole generation of child stars?  In twenty years are we going to have an entire generation of Lindsay Lohans and Danny Bonaduces?  Or wait, even worse…. Michael Jacksons!

I’m guilty, don’t get me wrong.  I take pictures of my ‘kids’ all the time.  Hopefully Cody will contain himself and not go on a coke binge or steal cars.  Keepin’ my eye on that dog!

Do kids still make paper airplanes?  Do they still collect lightening bugs in jars?  Put celery in jars with food color?  Dig earthworms and go pole fishing?  Play with a pig bladder?  (Okay, that was before my time, but since we were talking about Laura Ingalls.)  When was the last time you saw one of these?



Photo Credit:  liveauctioneers.com

You don’t.  A. it doesn’t have a slot for credit cards.  B.  Four year olds are too busy playing with their Iphones.  When I was four, I would have agreed to scrub the kitchen floor for two weeks straight if I got to ride on that!

When it comes down to it, I’m becoming my great grandfather.  It’s just a sign that I’m about to turn ninety three years old at my next birthday.  I paid ninety nine cents for gas and I never had any of those fancy gadgets as a kid.  I wanted to be little Laura Ingalls when I was a child, living in the middle of nowhere.  Riding in a wagon.  No electricity.  Living off the land.  It seems alien to me for small children to live these lives.  Now kids want to really rough it and be Selena Gomez.  All these expensive gadgets, when all it took was a cardboard box and little imagination when we were kids.


7 thoughts on “32 to 93, I’m Becoming My Great Grandfather

  1. Just a (snide) comment about the coin-op pony…..Where are the safety features? Air bags? Seat belt? A helmet, at the very least! A child could get hurt on one of those things!

  2. I’d leave a lengthy reply but I have to go play another round of candy crush while simultaneously updating my facebook status about playing said round and taking selfies to post to my instagram feed!

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