Cover Release: Tomato Stakes

Letters To Young Chong left you wanting more.  You’ve waited for the sequel and it is almost here!


Occasionally, every woman will need to branch out and find a man to occupy her time.  I had spotted a man I couldn’t stop thinking about at one of my favorite watering holes.  There was something about that man, just from seeing him a mere two times I was completely enamored.  The gypsy was losing her magic powers and suddenly found herself attached to the thoughts of this man.

Julio was a crew leader for one of the tomato harvesting companies that came to our area in the summer. A mutual friend was sure he could make a match, but I had to wait an entire year for the chance.  I was so mesmerized by Julio, I was uncertain if I would ever be able to look him in the eye when the time came.

The obsession became unhealthy, as most are.  Before you could say cherry tomato, I lived in a fantasy world that I would indeed love, marry and copulate with Julio .  I was going to be his world, his reason for getting up in the morning, his reason for living.

If I only knew then what I know now, I would have checked myself into the psych ward.

Come join me for some Coronas, a few shots of tequila, and a crazy ass time following around an irresistible man.  

Tomato Stakes Will Be Available By Early Fall!


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