Schedule, Cocktails, PDF’s, Oh My!

If you ever hear anyone say, “Oh, those self-published authors.  They are just doing things the lazy way.”  Shoot their ass.  Do it, no questions asked.  Just shoot them.

Okay, don’t shoot them.  That’s illegal.

Self-publishing is much like having a diseased gallbladder removed.  It certainly doesn’t seem natural.  You know it’s not going to be easy, hell it may even be painful.  It’s going to cost you some money upfront, but you know it is the way to go.  You know if you don’t get that gallbladder (or book) out of your body, you will be miserable.  Yup, that sums it up.

I attended a webinar last night provided by Createspace.  The speak was Guy Kawasaki.  This man has accomplished a wide range of achievements, including his contribution to the creation of Google +, a writer, and a social media guru.

Now, I’ll smile as much as I can and I try my best not to wear my straitjacket in public.  I am a little crazy right now.  I’m this close to finishing the sequel, Tomato Stakes.  So damn close I can almost see ‘The End’ from where I’m sitting right now.  I blog here on WordPress two to three times a week.  I Facebook and Twitter.  I try to read books written by someone other than me.  Oh, and I work.

With that information at hand, I want you to now imagine the look on my face when Guy Kawasaki informed me (and probably the other 999 attendees) that our social media attempts sucked.  He said it nicer than that, and I’m sure not every indie writer is in my boat.  However, I did realize that I have a LOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGG ways to go.  I need to develop a fan base at the speed of a premature ejaculation.  He suggested to set a goal of 200 new followers today. 


I have to work harder and better.  Is that a song? I feel like that is a song.

Here’s my plan wordpress followers:

1.  I will be posting a blog once a week (Mondays).  If I have exciting news, then I will interrupt our regularly scheduled program, of course.

2.  I will be updating Facebook/Twitter/Google+ daily.  Check in there for all the quirkiness and giggles you could ever imagine.  There may be more photos of vegetables that look like penises.

3.  Fridays are Cocktail Of The Week days.  Check on my Cocktails! tab for the recipe of the week.  There will be more designated fun days, but this is my start.


Spicy Watermelon Fresca – Today’s Recipe on the Cocktails! tab.

4.  Also check out my Download Free PDF tab.  This is a temporary tab to promote Letters To Young Chong.  For a limited time, you can download a PDF of LTYC.  Want to return the favor to me?  Review the book on the Amazon, Goodreads and other gossiping book sites.  Bloggers!  If you do interviews or reviews, I would love to hear from you!

Is it my inner Virgo getting the best of me?  Perhaps.  Organize, organize, organize.  I’ll keep you updated 🙂



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