That Julie Chicklitasaurus!  She’s a maniac.  She sees me as a fire that’s out of control and adds more wood, gasoline and Pledge to it.  (It’s true, Pledge is flammable.  Maybe I will tell you about that adventure one day).  She has given me the ‘I Mustache You A Question’ blog award!  This award was started by Arden @ This Typing Makes Me Look Busy.

I will cut and paste all the nitty gritty rules below, but let me break down the basics!  I have won the award (high five me) because Julie thinks I rock.  She gets to ask me a question.  I have to answer the question and then pass the love to two other bloggers.  Us, bloggers, we are some lovin’ bitches sometimes.  

Julie’s Question, and I quote:  I cannot possible come up with as good of a question as Arden, but here’s my best shot. Melanie and Capes Girls, I Googled this question. What’s the last dream you remember having?  Dear God. That was a stupid question. Damn you Google and your super cheesy questions to ask friends! Feel free to answer that one or the one Arden asked me. Love ya, gals.

I am so glad I did not get the question Arden had asked, which was ‘Is there something you’ve been holding back from someone that you just want to scream in their face but can’t (or won’t)?  It can be a friend, a coworker, a spouse or boyfriend, a relative.  Why haven’t you told them?’

I would have failed miserably at this, since I have a habit of telling people exactly how I feel.  Results run from just what they expected or a year’s worth of silent treatment. 

Lucky for me, I am a drinking maniac.  Holy shit, I just typed drinking maniac.  I MEANT TO SAY dreaming maniac.  Woo… it’s been a long day.

As a dreaming maniac, I dream all night long.  It’s like watching TV for eight hours straight.  No wonder I am frequently tired.  I never get any real rest.  Ask the poor beau, who has to listen to me every morning say, ‘Last night I had the craziest dream.  We rented a unicorn and rode it to Kentucky.  The unicorn ate nothing but ice cream and fudge.’  Yup, that is my brain.

Sadly, once I spit them out in the morning, they fade during the day.  I am going to tell you about a dream I recently had that sticks in my brain.

Karen, Yardley and I took a Greyhound bus all the way from Virginia to Las Vegas.  We wondered the streets and these streets were packed.  Traffic was shut down and people were jammed shoulder to shoulder, just walking around.  We could never get into any stores.  Even our hotel.  It was awful and exhausting, and it caused my vertigo to flare up.

Now, it sucks in real life to have frequent vertigo, let me tell you.  But to have it occurring in your dreams!?  Am I safe nowhere?  What the hell?

We finally get back on the bus and head back to Virginia.  On the way home, Karen and I write a musical about our trip.  We passed out copies of the lyrics and the whole bus sang with us.  (I have to stop watching so much Glee).

The bus lets us off and my mom is there to pick us up.  She wants to have lunch first before we head home.  I can barely stay sitting up in my chair because my damn dream vertigo is so bad.  She starts yelling at me that she thinks I drank up all my money in Vegas.  That is obviously the reason I am so uncoordinated and exactly why I came back without any decent souvenirs for the family. 

At this point, I realize our waiter is one of the vets I work with.  He starts yelling at me, ‘Why didn’t you eat your stewed tomatoes?!’

And I woke up!

How was that Julie?

So… here are my nominations….

Books, Booze and Bitchin’ Book Club … welcome to the blogging world ladies.

Oktoberfresh … the true talent of my family.


What is that gross smell you love?

There’s glue sniffers, sharpie sniffers, gas sniffers.

For example I love the smell of CET Hextra Chews, and apparently I’m the only person.  BBB Book Club, I want a list of responses from all members.

Special thanks to Julie, this was awesome. 

Official rules: 

{Rules of receiving the award}

1. Add the awesome badge to your blog — you deserve it!
2. Thank the person who nominated you, of course!
3. Answer your nominator’s question — It can be a few sentences or a whole post. Who cares?!
4. Nominate two bloggers for the award to keep it going; and
5. Ask the new winners your burning question!

{Rules for nominations}

1. There is only 1 rule — When you are awarded this, think of your two favorite blogs at that moment in time. There are your winners! Show your faves some love today. They may need some extra support on that particular day, so go ahead, put a mustachey smile on their face.
2. I lied. There are two rules. You can’t award the mustache award to whoever nominated you. It would just end up being a never-ending cycle.



  1. Good question for your two blogs! I must go check them out to see what they say. And cheers to maniacs – both the ones who drink and the ones who spray Pledge on fires! (Do you spray Pledge on a fire? I can’t wait to hear this story!) xo

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