Review In By Samantha Lafantasie

Just wanted to drop a note that Samantha Lafantasie has just posted her review of my book Letters To Young Chong.  Not only is Samantha Lafantasie a writer (her recently released Heart Song is selling like hotcakes from what I understand), she provides a valuable service to freshly published authors who are looking for honest reviews of their work.  I appreciate the time she has spent reading my book.  I know she’s a busy lady… writing, reading, being a mom and shoveling a lot of snow.

So, please run over to her blog and check out her review of my book.  Think you are brave enough for the Young Chong experience?  Then slip on over to Smashwords.  This week in honor of Read An Ebook week, I’m offering my book for FREE!  How can you go wrong there?  Unless you’re scared, and then you can just say you’re scared.

Thanks again, Samantha.  You rock!


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