Where in the world is…

I’ve got five bucks on that most of you just said ‘Carmen Sandeigo’.  That’s right, high five this child of the nineties.  We can play some Duck Hunt once we are done with this blog.


WordPress has this nifty little map that shows you where your views are coming from.  I like looking at the numbers.  Now that I’m in the seven hundred department, I thought I’d swing over and check out where these views are coming from.

As predicted, the United States is in the lead with 645.  I know that roughly 52% of that is probably my mom, 37% my boyfriend, and the other remaining 11% is an actual US fan base.  (Is my math correct?  I’m still working on my first cup of coffee.)

In second place is the United Kingdom with 42.  Thinking my mother has setup a secret account on WordPress to give me the impression that my long lost Irish family is reading about my day to day life occasionally or to feed my head that lots of people with great British accents are reading my blog.  It’s true, sometimes I read it out loud in a British accent just to see what it would sound like.

I have 6 from our neighbors Canada.  This makes me wonder A. where the hell are you Mexico?  You are also our neighbors?  Where’s the love? And B. why do all of these numbers have to include four and six.  They are the only two non-working keys on my keyboard.  Cutting and pasting is a pain in the ass.  Thank you, neighboring Canadians!  For a little nudge of support back I do start singing your national anthem every time I hear someone mention your country.  Well, the first two words of it.  Then I started humming and somehow it starts sounding like ‘America, My Country Tis A Thee.’   Which, not to go into a complete circle here is written to the melody of the United Kingdom’s ‘God Save The Queen.’   Are we six degrees of Kevin Bacon yet?

Malaysia and Australia are both tied with 3.  I know Malaysia has given us Zee Avi (and you rock for that Malaysia) and I’ve heard a radio program describe how wonderful the food is there.  Other than that, my Malaysia following is going to have to jump on and help me out.  Australia?  Maybe some more of those long distant relatives of Ireland.  It would make since that I would be related to the convicts.  I did have a pen pal there once when I was eight.  I unfortunately lost his address and never was able to follow through.  If you are reading this, I sincerely apologize you never heard back from me.

Germany comes in with two.  I can say two cuss words in German.  And that’s all I have to say about that.  Sorry, Germany!  I have no ties there, but I am totally thankful for your interest! 

Rounding out the bottom is Norway and the Russian Federation, both with one.  Does anyone else who was born in 1980 want to go through the list of names that you have learned for this region?  I’m always confused what to call that area.  I’m going to offend my one single viewer.

So, my viewers from way out there!  Please feel free to introduce yourself.  I find it totally amazing that somewhere out there, there is someone sitting in a foreign country right now reading my blog.  Likely laughing or cussing me, heavier on the cussing I’m sure.





9 thoughts on “Where in the world is…

  1. LOL @ your Mom being 52%. That would be mine as well. Wish I could be all exciting and say I’m one of your foreign readers. My daughter is taking German so I was tempted to have her write something snazzy in German for me but she’s at school and it’s probably not appropriate for me to call and ask right now. So just one of your 11% stopping in to say hi and thanks for the daily humor. If I ever make it back to the shore lets play DuckHunt.

    1. Oh, sorry. Didn’t mean to imply they were one in the same. Was just stating that Russia has changed its name so many times since georgraphy class in 1987. Their only common figure right now is I’ve been viewed once by each 🙂

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