All I Want Is Roll Call

As we grow old, we come to long the things that were readily available in our younger years.  Summer vacation, survival on allowance alone, mom fixing your dinners… or as for me….

103 JAMZ Roll Call…

Now, if you are representing the 757, (which may have still been the 804 back then), you have just jumped out of your seat and you are ready to freestyle.  This was back when freestyling was fun and not about shooting someone or how you were the number one pimp because you had fifty hoes.  It was fun and it was local.  You tuned into 102.9, whether you were at home or in the car, and got ready for good times.

The call in show, Roll Call, would start up, “What’s up ya’ll, what’s it going to be?  Who’s on the line with your Homey Al B?”

And just as every other black girl in the listening area, I was tuned in and ready to go.

What?  Well, yes.  In all technicalities I am white.  Yes, like ruled school paper white.  I had a very diverse childhood and sometimes I was a bit racially confused.  There is still a small group of people out there who are under the impression that I am indeed an albino Puerto Rican.

I remember riding around with my friends and loving that small segment that never lasted long enough.  Laughing and giggling at the lyrics people would spit out.  We always loved the part where the deejay would say, “and where you representin’?”  Sometimes, just sometimes you’d hear one of your own, “Cape Charles!”  And the car would go wild!  When the show went off, we would throw our own raps around .

I have friends that actually had the last night of Roll Call on mix tapes.  (Sadly, I know some readers are scratching their heads, ‘What’s a mix tape?”)  Abruptly, Al B Sylk stopped the roll call and announced it was the last night.  It had become harder and harder for them to keep the show clean and the complaints were flying in.  Roll Call was shutting down.  I may have even cried.

So, it’s Monday morning.  I have this giant cup of coffee and I’m getting ready for work.  Briefly, even though I love my life right now, I think how nice it would be to be sixteen again.  To be young, to have summer vacation, to have Roll Call.



8 thoughts on “All I Want Is Roll Call

  1. Melanie J. Moore…. I confess I’ve never heard of your website, but found it in a web search for my Homey Al B!!! I, like you, suddenly found myself wanting to hear the roll call again. I don’t know your area code but we grew up with the roll call on 99jamz in south florida, and your comments struck home so much that i had to post a comment. I’d love to hear those mix tapes, please post them online!!! Thanks for the memories – Kevin

    1. Hey Kevin! Sorry for the slow reply, I’ve been out of town.

      It’s funny, when I was younger I never even thought about Al B being heard in more places than just my little area of Virginia. We listened to it here on 103Jamz (102.9).

      Thank you for finding my blog, please feel free to check out my other stories (many flashbacks from the 90’s). And… if you like those, you might even like my book, Letters To Young Chong. The first half of the book is stories from my teenage years.

      Thanks again!

  2. I too enjoyed listening to Roll Call with Al B.
    Oh yes, on 99Jamz (StarForce99) in South Florida. Funny how back then in the 90s I thought it was only aired on that station.
    God bless you!

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Pete! Aw, the 90’s … back before we had internet and we had no idea there was a big world out there! It’s great to hear all the other cities that tuned in! I believe 103 Jamz aired out of Norfolk, VA or one of the surrounding cites. How I wish they’d bring it back!

      1. If you go to YouTube and search for “Finally got to do a role call” by qlacyjr, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised 🙂

        – P.

  3. I grew up Born & Raised in Norfolk/Virginia Beach, MAN Roll Call is one of my favorites, even my MOTHER listened to it with me!! talk about FLASH BACK!!!

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