OMG I’m 23 and back on myspace….

For the record, I never OMG.  Or LOL.  I don’t work in a courthouse, I’m not using shorthand.  I’m not 23.  Oddly enough though, I feel like blogging takes me back to the ways of Myspace.

I have created a blog because that is what all authors apparently do.  Especially Indie authors.  Again, for some reason this term makes me feel like I’m in my early twenties.  ‘I’m an Indie Author, bro.’  Yup, I’m sure I just offended everyone.

This is just my short little blurb to get started.  To break the ice.  To pop the cherry (too much?).  I am looking for a way to get some wind in my sails and sales for my book.

I want to be successful at this.  Secretly successful.  I don’t want people to be able to identify me readily in public.  (“Hey!  There’s that girl that drinks so much and cusses a lot!”) Sadly, the only author I could probably pick out of a lineup is Stephen King.  Which always makes me wonder, did the person that hit him with the van know that they had just hit Stephen King?  How do you move on from that?  Living life day by day knowing you just hit a man who not only has a cult following but also writes horrifying stories about gruesome ways for people to die.  I bet they don’t sleep well these days.

I should drink more coffee (or booze, it is almost 7:00 am for God’s sake) before I do this sort of thing.  So, hello blogging world!  I hope you help out and I hope I don’t make too much of an ass of myself, although I always do.


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