25 Songs, 25 Days, Day 24


Day Twenty-Four:   A song you’ve danced to with your best friends.

There’s been lots of songs and lots of boogy-ing over the years in this group of friends, but probably none that was as well documented as this one.  Call it teenage enthusiasm or call it Jose Cuervo, we loved to jam to All-4-One’s song She’s Got Skillz.  I want to dance now just listening to it on YouTube.   Hit play and cruise down for some fantastic photos from the 90′s!


Oh yeah, that’s me.  You can certainly tell that I have skills.  (Check out those bibs!)


There’s Tracy, really shakin’ and bakin’!


Karen’s got that potion to cure those ills.


That’s a lot of rump-shaker there with those ladies.

Okay… the following photo is not from that night and probably not that song… but if we are talking about 90′s dance parties, I can leave out this photo.


That’s Karen skakin’ her booty in the front, I’m next with my infamous Moose cup and Dekaf is behind me.  I carried that Moose Cup around that party and everyone there kept pouring in some of what they were drinking,  It was strong, it was gross and I handled it like a man.

I’m the group straggler and I think everyone is pretty much finished.  Please check out all the bloggers that finished on time!

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25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 23


Where were we?

Oh, yes, Day 23 … a song you can’t stand listening to.

Lucky for me, I have actually blogged about this horrific song before.  This … is what I had to say.

Diamonds and Pearls and Seizures – May 29, 2013

I may not be able to make it through this post without being admitted to a hospital.

Anyone have a Valium drip?  No?  No?  Anyone?

I feel twitchy already.  Dear God, what is it with that song?

Do you guys know it?  It’s by Prince.  It’s Diamonds…


Diamonds and….

Diamonds and P..p…p….p….p


Seriously, every time I hear it, I want to sit in a laundry basket in a closet and have seizures.

Diamonds and p.p..p… p…


There. I did it.  Kind of.

Let me be upfront and admit that I do love Prince.  I believe there are two different kind of people in this world.  There are those who love Prince and you sickos that love Michael Jackson.

If you are arguing with me right now, slap yourself.

I love all Prince songs, except for that Shiny Stones and Smooth Oyster Kidney Stones.  We have XM radio at work and I don’t know how we always end up on one of the five hundred stations at least twice a week that are playing the Anti Cubic Zirconia and Mollusk Mineral.  Today, I actually overheard a coworker say, ‘I like this song.’  I would have stayed and defended my reaction to it, but I was already having enough trouble walking briskly with convulsions to the damn station changer.

‘Must….tt..t.t.t..t. chhhhhhannnnnggeeeee….st…sta… .station!’  *Gallops sideways down the hall, falls and crawls the rest of the way to the office*

It is so widely known at work of my problems that people will count down the seconds when they hear Chemical Formula C and CaCO3.  

‘Ew, there’s the song.  Mel’s going to change the station in three… two… one.’  The dial spends wildly out of control and if I’m lucky enough it lands on the Elvis station, for that is the only station that can save me from hearing Allotrope and Nacre.

There was one day that I was cleaning teeth on a lovely dog, minding my own business.  Now, in veterinary dentistry, our patients are peacefully snoozing under anesthesia.  I’m listening to the beep, beep, beep of the heart monitor.  The scaler buzzes quietly along as a work.  Occasionally, the air compressor kicks in and out.  Beep, beep, beep.

I generally can’t even hear the radio back there with all the noise that comes along with that task  Then, I hear it.  Dun, dun, dun, dun….

Excuse me, I’m going to have a petit mal moment here just from humming that.

Okay, I’m straight.

I try to remain calm.  I continue to scale and hope that someone is either in the doctor’s office or in the lab.  ‘Is someone out there in the lab perhaps?’

A coworker came around the corner.  ‘Everything okay?’

‘With the patient and procedure?  Yes.  I do need you to go in the other room and change the radio station.’

‘To what?’

‘I don’t care!  Just something now!  I’ll pay dearly, PLEASE!  My hands are starting to shake!’

I hear the radio station move to another selection.  ‘Oh, thank goodness.’  I whisper to myself and the anesthetized dog.

And then, the damn radio develops a problem only the exorcist could fix!  It goes back to Hindu Birthstone for April and Hindu Birthstone for June.  ‘BAH!!! What happened!  Fix it!  Fix it!’

I can hear the desperate coworker scrambling with the radio.  ‘It keeps going back to Diamonds…’

‘Don’t say it!  It’s like Beetlejuice!  Don’t say it!’

Finally, the situation was under control.

Sigh of relief, followed by a slight case of the jitters.


There is some comfort to me that I could not find this song on YouTube.  It makes me think that there are other people that have united together and forced it out of that website.  If one searches long and hard enough, they will be rewarded … or cursed.  I found this on a website that may be in French perhaps.  There’s the link.  Good luck to you.


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Double Whammy: Cake Of The Week

If you read Monday’s post, “Four Kittens and Seven Eyes”, you know I’ve had some crazy days recently … including a weird stomach bug.  Weird as in no one else seem to fall victim to it.  No one at work, not the beau, not my mother who was secretly exposed to me.  No one.  I can only start to wonder if I ate something that just did not jive with me.

The week of the illness, I made my weekly cake the night I started feeling not quite right.  You know that feeling?  My body was off but I couldn’t exactly tell what it was.  Oh, but how it made itself loud and clear twenty four hours later.

The cake of the week was an Applesauce Cake.  My grandmother had told me about a cake she made frequently when her and my grandfather were first married.  She had lost the recipe years ago and asked me to keep an eye out for it when I searched for cake ideas.  I found this recipe at One Perfect Bite and though it wasn’t exactly it, my Gram thought it was close.  She said hers didn’t have currants, which is fine because I can never find those.  I doubled up on the raisins instead.  I made the cake and went to bed, only to find out that I was going to be suffering so much in the following days that I would never get to try this cake.


Photo Credit:  One Perfect Bite

I have to totally rely on the beau’s rating of 7.5 on this cake.  I never got to try it other than the batter the night before.  I thought about winging it and at least writing up the blog after I had made a turn in my illness.  However, if I started writing about food that gurgle-y feeling would resurface and I would run off to ponder vomiting.

The following week, the beau had stopped planning for my funeral and I was ready to bake again.  His birthday was on the horizon and he requested his very favorite yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  I am constantly trying a different recipe for this.  I don’t know what I’m looking for (perhaps just a good old box mix, but that would be cheating).

This recipe came from Smitten Kitchen.  The yellow cake was yummy and the chocolate frosting was rich and unique.  The base for the frosting is sour cream.  It definitely made a very different frosting, but we both agreed that it was pretty darn amazing.  If you have the time, I’d give this one a go!

Yellow Cake with Chocolate Sour Cream Frosting

3702363307_c027e693f2_m 3702382269_4f13608878_m

Photo Credit:  Smitten Kitchen

The beau also gave this cake a 7.5.

Sorry that I didn’t get any photos on my own for these two weeks!

I’m glad to be back on track!  Keep your eye open for more cakes!


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25 Songs, 25 Days, Day 22


Day 21:  A song that someone has sung to you.

Years ago, I settled in on a bar stool at my favorite watering hole and ordered a Corona from the bartender.  “Barkeep, I need a beer!”  Okay, the bartender was one of my close friends so it was completely reasonable to yell things like that.  With brew in my hand, I swiveled back around to people watch a nearly full house.  Moments later my ex-archenemy (once you’ve both dated and broke up with the same jerk it is totally cool to join forces) came waltzing in and joined me.  “He’s going to shit a brick seeing us here together.”

Ah, nothing adds up to revenge like making your ex a nervous wreck.

Karaoke was still a hopping pastime on the Shore at this point in time and it was in full swing that night.  A slightly naughty tune with plenty of sexual innuendo was booming out of the speakers.  I scanned the crowd and made eye contact with a man that was not a local.  Even though he wasn’t on stage, he was obviously singing along with that song AND he was staring right at me.

I leaned over to my old enemy-new pal and said, “You see that fellow over there with the shaved head?  It appears that he is singing this song to me.”

“I’m sure it’s just a coincidence,” my partner in crime said.

Almost on cue, he stood up, did some pelvic thrusting and pointed right at me.

“I stand corrected.  He’s definitely singing this song to you.”

It was a great moment in time, being dirtily serenaded by a stranger.

Oh, the song?  I can’t remember.  How is that for a let down?  I’ve been drudging my mind through that tale for days trying to remember.  No, sadly I’m going to stick you guys with Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight.   For much of my twenties I had blonde hair and at one point it was long enough I would sit on it.  Whenever Eric’s line of ‘a brushes her long blonde hair’ was sung, men directed to me.  Jack (for those who have read my memoir Letters To Young Chong) actually ran his fingers through my long blonde hair one night when we danced to this song at the Trawler.

I’m coming down the home stretch!  Starting in May, TwinDaddy at Stuphblog will begin the music challenge!  Follow the blog and see what jammies pop up over there!

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25 Songs, 25 Days, Day 21


Day 20:  Your Favorite Song

I would like to get this off my chest before I tell you about my favorite song.  I have been jamming out to the greatest songs ever since I was born back in 1980.  To ask me to pick one song out of the last thirty four years of my life is ridiculous.

So sue me.  I didn’t pick a song that was deep.

But what I did do is pick a rocking ass song and you can take that shit to the bank.


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25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 20


Day 20:  The last song alphabetically on your iPod

As mentioned in my last two music post, my MP3 player has been missing.  I had to search deep in my brain for the first and last songs that would have been on it alphabetically.  Failing to remember each of the 200 songs, I am going by artist and I’m pretty sure Zee Avi would have been at the very end.

Do you know Zee Avi?  Oh, she kicks ass.  The first time I heard her was on a public radio station that features things like A Prairie Home Companion, This American Life, and America’s Test Kitchen.  I’m not sure what show was on, but they played her song Honey Bee.  I’ve been hooked since!

I’m pretty sure her song Poppy would have been the last song alphabetically of Zee Avi’s on my MP3 player, but do yourself a favor and check out her other songs.  First of the Gang To Die, Bitter Heart and Kantoi are pretty rockin’.

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25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 19

Day 19:  The First Song Alphabetically On Your Ipod


If you read yesterday’s post, you are aware that I lost my MP3 player a while back.  I can’t tell you how many times I have searched this house and my car to find it.  There are two reasons that I haven’t replaced it yet.  One.  It bothers the living shit out of me that it is here in this house SOMEWHERE!  (This may not be totally true.  Last year we realized that our younger cat was pushing things off my desk and in the trashcan.  Say what you want, cats can be jerks because I’m sure he’s doing it on purpose.)  Two.  Most of the 200 songs I had I downloaded from Limewire eons ago.  It was free.  Yes, I know.  It was wrong but I don’t see much of a difference between that and when we used tape decks in the 90′s to record our favorite songs off the radio.

I think most people have done this day (and the 20th) by the song, but my brain is not cooperating… I mean that was a lot of songs and it has been missing for quite some time now.  I do think I can remember the artist that would have been first and last.  That will have to do, folks.

When this song came out, I was on the verge of breaking up with a guy who had a serious drug problem.  He said over and over again how he wanted to get clean and I was the only person in his life that wasn’t entangled in the demons that him and his friends were.  I was his only hope.  I felt responsible for a long time to be his life raft, but in the end I realized I couldn’t save him.  He needed to save himself and he was in no hurry to do so.  The last night we were together before I disappeared into the dark, this song came on the radio and he said it was a ridiculous song … which was ironic to me because I felt like the girl the song is about.

I left him, but this song followed me.  There was one night my sister and I were bar hopping and it was on three different stations at the same time.  I kept hitting scan trying to get away from it but it wouldn’t go away.  At some point I embraced it as a reminder that I deserved better.

I have no idea what has become of him and really I don’t care.  The nice thing to say is that I hoped he was better, I hoped he was clean.  Unfortunately, I wasted too much time hoping on him years ago.

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